Lash Extensions
  Lash Extension Packages:
Natural Lashes $175.00 (31-50 Lashes) 2 Hours (Approximately)
Dramatic Lashes $200.00 (51-70 Lashes) 2 Hours (Approximately)
Lash Touch-up $75.00 1 Hours (Approximately)
Extra Touch-up $100.00 1½ Hours (Approximately)

Caring for your new Lashes
The first 24 hours are vital to the sucess of your new lashes. It is very important to allow the bond to fully dry to the extension during these first 24 hours.
Your Lash Extensions will last longer if you make small changes in your lifestyle:
  • Reduce the time you spend in steamrooms, tanning salons, saunas, hot tubs. Prolonged use will weaken the bond of the extension.
  • Avoid using eye makeup remover containing polyethlene, propylene glycol or any other glycol-based ingredients. These products will result in the ultimate failure of lashes to bond.